Government of Krasnoyarsk Region discussed implementation stages of the investment project for construction of Lesosibirsk Biotechnological Facility

A meeting of the interinstitutional taskforce for the implementation of the Yenisey Siberia CIP presided by the Minister of Economy and Regional Development of Krasnoyarsk Region Egor Vasilyev was held. The meeting was participated by the representatives of ministries of the regional Government, Krasnoyarsk railways, the Yenisey Siberia Development Corporation, Lesosibirsk municipal administration and Segezha Group Managing Company LLC (Sistema JSFC). The agenda of the meeting contained only one question: construction of Lesosibirsk Biotechnological Facility.

The Head of the Strategic Projects Sector of Segezha Group Managing Company, LLC Boris Dyshlyuk said that the volume of the investments to be contributed into the project is expected to exceed 90 billion Roubles.

“Until 2024 we are planning to build a deep complex timber processing facility for the production of cellulose and a wide range of other bioproducts”, said Boris Dyshlyuk. “Once the design capacity is reached, the production volume of bleached softwood and hardwood sulphate cellulose will constitute around 700 thousand tons per year. The location of the facility close to the sawmill plant will provide an opportunity to dispose of the wood chips, ensure the energy-saving production and smart logistics. The opinion of cellulose and paper plants as of polluting industries is very common. Though the plants built 40-50 years ago were really not environmentally friendly, the technologies have greatly changed since then. We would like to convince the Lesosibirsk residents that the biotechnological facility will be of great economic and environmental benefit for the town. The latest technologies will keep the exhausts within the permitted standards”.

According to the investment project data, the new facility will provide additional annual tax revenue into the regional budget at the amount exceeding 5.4 billion Roubles. Moreover, it will create around 460 new regular jobs and 4,000 jobs for the construction period.

All meeting participants agreed that the high-tech facility for deep processing of low-grade timber is essential for the town and the region, but there are some infrastructural and technological aspects to take into account before the commencement of construction.

“We see eye to eye on the importance of this project. At the Economic Forum, all of us witnessed the signing of the agreement between the Governor of the Region and the company”, underlined the Minister of Economy and Regional Development of Krasnoyarsk Region Egor Vasilyev. “Together with the Ministries of the Regional Government, the investor needs to go through the whole sequence of actions for implementation of the project, consider all the problems that may complicate the process, and count for all the issues that may occur later. Today’s meeting, just like all the next ones, is intended to detect the economic and social difficulties and possible consequences of the project. It is extremely important for the municipal administration of Lesosibirsk to take an active part in all the processes, as they are best aware of the local problem and have an idea of the interests of the locals”.


At the present moment, the Yenisey Siberia CIP encompasses 32 investment projects with the total declared investment value of 1.9 trillion Roubles for the years 2019-2027.